Bringing Self-Service AI to the Life Sciences.

Tamed and tailored to your needs, now backed by shape


Our Self-Service AI tools’ core features are mapped to unmet needs of biological sciences

AI Accessibility for All

We enable the widest range of end users - from scientists to data scientists - with AI-driven technology for faster, more effective research or production.

Real-Time Functionality

Gone are the days of exporting data to third-party analytics companies! Immediate in-house solutions for immediate response time.

Your Algorithms

Your data, Your algorithms: You train your own AI solutions with your specific data and apply them across your specific problem spaces, no strings attached.

Complete Data Optimisation

Got data? Feed as much data to your Self-Service AI as you can - allow the AI algorithms to do the work by extracting the insights!

About Us

Solving Your Life Science Challenges with Custom AI Solutions

We offer AI/ML solutions integrating heterogenous life sciences data for anomaly detection, monitoring and enhanced decision making. Our Self-Service AI tools apply neural networks and sensor analysis with other more traditional ML applications, tailored to the particular unmet need.

  • Offer Initial AI Consulting
  • Build Self-Service AI Software
  • Train and Educate End Users
  • Provide Project-Specific AI Support

We are very familiar with the emerging data challenges in the life sciences, including continuous manufacturing, smart monitoring, and Real-World Data (RWD) analysis for clinical trials. We are enthusiastic about any moonshots or AI challenges our team could tackle with you. Let our Self-Service AI software augment your domain expertise.


We offer client-driven, in-house AI software for state-of-the-art research and production

Real-time Product Quality Assurance

Fast product understanding requires even faster data analysis. Our Product Quality line of AI tools provide analysis in 0.6 seconds or less.

Full Agency Compliance

For those who operate under the eye of regulatory bodies, our AI software provides you with comprehensive records for full compliance and investigation inquiries.

Faster Go-to-Market

Eliminate the pressure for labor intensive or ad-hoc analysis. Embrace high-throughput AI solutions to deliver faster, more comprehensive results without any waste of effort or precious time.

Reduced Operating Costs

Reduce costs by up to 50-60x in continuous processing with our AI software based on our current client analysis.

Entirely Self-Service

Our end users are provided with complete resources to perform AI analysis in-house. The range of end users covers technicians, data scientists, computational scientists, and more.


We offer a portfolio of Self-Service AI products that are customisable to the needs of our clients, and we also build new solutions to the specific user requirements.

Let’s get you started with your free Self-Service AI consultation

We engage in an integrative product development model with our prospective partners. To start, initial product specifications are gathered and tailored to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Process

We build client-driven software by working closely with end users through the entire software development life cycle


Kick Off & Software Construction

Propose Self-Service AI software and/or designs to client and gather feedback until software functionality is agreed upon. We then independently provide the software to the client according to agreed upon specifications.


Training & Testing

Hold training sessions for end users and provide training manuals, tutorials, and requested supplementary documents. Iterative software testing is conducted with end users to validate software infrastructure, functionality, and desired usability.


Rollout & Subscription

Self-Service AI production environment made available to all end users on a subscription basis. Provide end users with continuous tech support. Pricing determined on a case-by-case basis.

Leadership and Advisors

Combining domain expertise in health, software, business, and advanced analytics

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